Thursday, 22 November 2012

busy busy busy..

So the last few days have consisted of me rushing around 24/7 and the only time me stopping is sleeping. I have had to do homework, trips, school, had to go and help some family and tonight I helped the school out.
I don't know how teachers do it to be honest yesterday me and my teacher were talking about how we both get up the same time and we had spent the same thing yesterday we went on the trip and then we went home and then she tried to get sympathy from me because she was tired and I was like you have been at school from 830 and so have I, I haven't stopped I have had lessons here this morning and then had to travel to the grammar school for my other lesson then I travelled back to help you out to get students interested in your house, like I haven't been home yet either, so I was like don't come looking sympathy from me.
We had laugh and a bitch about the other teachers and we shared out chocolate and it was good, spoke to the other teacher who teaches the same course and we sat talking about photography too. So tonight wasn't a complete disaster and I thought it was going to be.
But during my bus journey I did take this two photography's on my phone, they have been filtered by the app 'Instagram'

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