Monday, 12 November 2012

Overrated Faces...

OK, this has been something that has bothered me since day one. 

i don't get why people do this and i don't get why they think it is cool to do it so, now i will explain.

i call it the Four Faces of Facebook

You have the pout, you have the peace sign, you have the upper lip and you have the tongue out face.

I'm NOT saying its everyone but it mostly the age range 10-15 when they pose in every photo. and yes i probably have done it a few times (the upper lip, and the tongue and the peace) but I'm older now .... ha ha....

but like it just annoying and now the fact 10-11-12 year olds are now joining facebook they are starting to do the exactly the same, i had some year 6 add me on facebook the other day, like seriously they are 6 years younger than me, i don't want you on my facebook talking how you are watching Cbeebies, like seriously... 

i think facebook seriously needs to sort out these problems as it CLEARLY states that user must be ----> 13 <---- OK get it children. 

and i think parents need to be more aware to. 

OK, so rant over what are your opinions? 

PS. below is a cheeky photo of ME demonstrating some of the faces.


  1. I've never saw this 4 faces on facebook. Hasn't arrived in germany yet I guess...better though

    1. its the new thing in England, so it should becoming to Germany very soon, i have a few friends on facebook from Germany who have started doing this! so its only a matter for time!