Monday, 12 November 2012

Friends or Not?

sometimes i feel like I'm being used, when my suppose to be called 'Friends' have no one else to hang around with. 

like i just know they are bitching about me behind my back, so like do i say something or just let it go on?

this isn't the first time to happen, but when i say something it always ends up to be my fault, so i never win, so what is the point

all people are going to do is throw the friendship i offer back in my face, so really to think of it i only have a few people, that i can trust and they trust me. 

its nicer to have few close friends instead of many other immature ones. its cool to have a little group that we can all just chill out and talk, instead of keeping it all to yourself and not being able to share it with someone purely because you don't know if you can trust them. 

but through this year my friends have prove to me and have stuck by me through my darkest moments this year so i love them to pieces

and now I'm finally happy, and we just enjoy every moment we get. i guess that's what friends are for right!? 
PS. this is me and my best friend at Prom in July, I'm on the Left and My Best Friend is on the right.

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