Saturday, 17 November 2012

I'm Not Spoiled..

So at school I am know or labelled as the rich, spoiled kid. Which in fact is not true, like yes my mum try's to give me and my siblings everything that we have wanted or asked for. But seriously for me, I have had a job since the age of 13 so I have been earning my own money and spending it on me. Like I would go into school with a new bag or something and people would go oh did mummy buy that for you and I would be like no I have a job and I brought it myself but that was like 3 years ago but they are still like that and the other day we had been talking about how much money we have in the bank saved up for buying a car etc, and luckily I have about 4.5 nearly 5000 saved. And then people started having a go saying I was spoiled etc, but tbh I simple went if your parents were clever they would of put your birthday and Christmas money away in a savings account ready for you when your older like my mum did.
If you were wondering the money saved is also my grandparents have put like 10 pound a month away for me since I was born.
But it's just annoying that people have to label me because I have a job and a clever mum that knew I would spend my money on rubbish and forced me to put it in the bank.

What is your opinions on this?

P.S I burnt I finger on the oven at work today seriously hurts! :(

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