Sunday, 18 November 2012

sunday events...

so today it is Sunday the 18th November, and the time is 9:15pm, well whilst i type this up!

so today i went back to the cinema again! to go see Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Again! i know but after how i reacted the first time i had to see if i was going to react the same again. so guess what it was even better than the first time i watched it because i watched it more detail and i wasnt as tired as the first time. (i have another blog post from Friday i think which explains what happened when i went to see Twilight).

but yes it is absolutely brilliant i loved loved loved it.


lately i have been rocking this jacket my mum brought me last Christmas (i think). at the time i didnt really like it as it wasnt really my style, but now its kinda vintage, retro looking and it just fits with all the other clothing i am wearing. (i will attach a photo of it).

Righto im off to go finish reading up to Chapter 16 of this book i have to read for my English class tomorrow!

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