Friday, 9 November 2012


So today i had my photography class and we have started a new project. what we have just started is a project on an Artist called David Hockney.

At the beginning of the lesson as Sir was describing what he will be aiming/looking for and describing briefly who was David Hockney and what he did.

At the beginning i thought this was a project i was going to hate, as i prepare to do portraits/fashion/editorial stuff, so i had to change my mode of working into becoming more artistic. But after i took my photos and printed them, i start collaging them together to make one big image. 

As time progressed and i had more ideas what i wanted and started it and finally got myself into it, my lesson ended but i have to finish it for homework, but i want to show you the piece so far, i got a long way to go i think i have another 7 pages of pictures yet to stick down but here it is!
PS  I know its not much, but as soon as I'm finished i will upload a picture for you all to see!

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