Wednesday, 28 November 2012

so it begins...

so its under a month till Christmas, i am so excited and I'm on a mission to make sure this Christmas is the best yet! 
so yes i know it is late, but i must admit i haven't even started my Christmas shop but don't you worry i have got a basket full of goods ready to hit the Order Now button but just have to transfer money into my account tomorrow and that will be all done. but that is only little presents sort of Stocking fillers. I'm going to buy the main presents on Friday when I'm with my mum and i have her opinion to.
but yeah I'm so excited and cant wait for it to be the big day and for everybody to see what i have brought them!

also my mum keeps bugging before for what i want for Christmas, but i cant make up my mind i just don't know what i want its annoying because i have what i have always wanted and move, and i guess I'm just lucky, but then she wants to buy me a gift and not just give me presents.

Comment below and give me ideas for what i can ask my mum for Christmas!

PS. New Hair Colour and Hair Cut Pictures and Description of how i have my hair cut blog coming this weekend!  

Here is a picture what i took of what the weather has been like ALL WEEK! 

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