Wednesday, 14 November 2012

People just dont get Fashion..

this may sound silly but when i am sad, or just want to be by myself i always end up going up to my room or end up putting my headphone on/in my ears. i don't know it just makes me feel like I'm in my own little world its just nice. imagining yourself in a different world, or in a different life, most of my day dreams are me being a completely different person, completely the opposite to who i am today. 
not the insecure giant that sits here behind this computer screen, writing his emotions over the Internet as he doesn't know any other why of expressing it. its kinda sad that i cant really tell anyone what is going on my mind. and i don't want sympathy but i want to let this emotion out so it feels right just to type it out other than having to face someone face to face.

i try to make myself look nice, wear nice clothes, and today i wore a blazer over my shirt and then everybody took the mic saying i was wearing a suit, which i wasn't i was wearing Burgundy chinos, a white shirt and a black blazer, so everybody fancied taking the piss out of me, like i keep my mouth shut because i can probably say a lot worse to them but i don't, like literally i have no self confident so now i just don't want to ever wear a blazer even tho it looked nice, but all the chavs etc just took the mick.

i hate living with i live, everybody wears trackies or tries way to hard to be hipsters and its annoying and they take the piss out of my fashion sense. like literally last year i got told by a lot of people (mostly the girls) i had the best fashion sense, but like now my fashion is getting better I'm finding clothes that fit me and even tho i would love to be skinny I'm confident with my body and I'm not ashamed of it,  i will never be the smallest but im certainly not the biggest. but i will leave a picture at the bottom of my outfit and please tell me what you think!

Blazer - Daniel Hechter Paris

Shirt - Ralph Lauren 
Chinos - Next

PS - for the dirty mirror! 

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